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Robin Hamby, Burke VA

"Having not exercised in a very long time I was very tentative about starting with Vortex. It has been almost 2 months now and I've made a great deal of progress all due to Alec's well chosen activities and close monitoring. He plans a variety of exercises so that I am never bored. I especially enjoy the boxing! Who knew?! As an unexpected benefit my back no longer hurts! I highly recommend Vortex and Alec. The individual attention and his knowledge makes all the difference."

Paul Zimmet, Reston VA

"Speaking as an older, out of shape older man, finding Alec was an unexpected great find. He seems to know instinctively when to push and when to let up. It is all done in an upbeat, friendly way.. A person would be hard pressed to find anyone better. You will be happy if you are lucky enough to have Alec as your trainer!"

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Jack Edsall, Alexandria VA

"Alec is a phenomenal trainer.  He is always extremely well-organized and prepared for our training sessions, and he consistently provides a wide array of different exercises. He makes every session challenging, interesting, and fun. He keeps in mind each person's physical needs, strengths, and limitations and is very knowledgeable about how to adapt exercises accordingly. He goes out of his way to take care of everyone's individual needs, so that each person who he trains is able to get the most out of every session."

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